Young talented Yash Shah shouldering the growth of Nevarna Marketing

By Admin        August 23, 2021

Talented and passionate, Yash Shah is digital marketer who started his journey in this sphere a couple of years ago. He went to Vidhyamandir Trust school, Palanpur. He was only 17 years old when he began his career in digital marketing.

Coming from a business background, he had prior knowledge and inborn intellect to handle challenging situations at workplace. He is currently enrolled in KPB Hinduja College of Commerce, Mumbai. He learnt basic concepts of digital marketing from Indian Institute of Digital education (IIDE), Mumbai. 

He believes that Dhairya Saluja, co-founder of Nevarna Marketing, has had a consequential contribution in the development of this firm. Dhairya holds valuable experience and insights with respect to digital marketing. His guidance was useful for execution of many processes at Nevarna Marketing. Yash appreciates the support Dhairya Saluja has, by far, offered him. 

Yash excelled at digital marketing activities only after a few years since he entered into this industry. There were numerous mediums available to him to carry out the learning process. He turned to blogs, articles, books on digital marketing and implemented what he learnt at the same time.

Yash formed his own digital marketing agency named Nevarna Marketing aiming to help small businesses out. Nevarna Marketing has been offering assistance to corporations to understand the significance of digital aspect of their business. 

In today’s age, it is imperative that businesses have digital presence and set aside a part of budget for the upkeep of digital acquisitions, such as websites or mobile applications. Nevarna Marketing gives its clients a large variety of services, such as UI designs, management of social media, growth hacking, lead generation, etc. 

Digital marketing is unimaginably vast. Each new year raises the count of available content creators in market. Yash was determined to keep Nevarna Marketing ahead of other competitors, and he appeared sincere in his approach towards the furtherance of the business. 

People working at Nevarna Marketing cater to the basic as well as advanced needs of its clients. The firm has a loyal and trustworthy client base and always focuses on facilitation of user-friendly strategies. Companies who have by far sought Nevarna’s assistance praise the company on account of its smooth delivery of services within a specific timeframe.