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Financial Fortune with Dr. Mani Pavitra

By Admin        August 23, 2021

Fortune Frequency Webinar with Dr. Mani Pavitra

We are in the world where most couples one of the partners handled the day-to-day finances and investment and that required trust and communication and some couples’ practices of having joint or separate accounts and they have their own view on financial challenges.

While most couples argue about financial issues a couple from Hyderabad work together to not just grow their income but educate people on growing their money from the comfort of their homes even during the lockdown phase.

Dr. Mani Pavitra being a Doctor and Serial Entrepreneur was busy managing her business and kids, lockdown has given her an opportunity to partner with her husband in educating people about investments. She has 2 beautiful kids besides running 5 businesses and being a 7 figure investor, she doesn’t spend 12 hours a day working.

Pradeep Yarlagadda has been an asset management expert and was always looking for opportunities in India and abroad to invest money. When lockdown hit this busy couple they came together to build an academy called FORTUNE ACADEMY to educate people who had no clue about financial markets.Personally, the couple had lost a lot of money when they had trusted their friend and Investment to take care of money which helped t

hem kickstart their learning education into finances.

As a founder of million moms during lockdown Dr. Mani started to hear horror stories from moms regarding domestic abuse and how they could not step out or seek police help as they were not financially and emotionally strong.

That’s when she spoke to her husband and they brought together their 13+ years of personal investment as well as international experience into forming an organisation which can help people get affordable financial education. It is helping employees with cash flow to grow their investments.

One of the major risks to a portfolio is the country risk. It is more pronounced if you are investing for the long term. A sudden turn of events in the internal economic or political situation may wipe out a major chunk from one’s portfolio. So, what’s the solution?

Diversification. And what’s better than taking exposure to world markets. Learn how to manage personal finances, generate passive income and apply the best investment strategies. Acquire the “investor mindset” and build a sturdy financial system.

Marriage is (ideally) “until death do you part,” and your investment strategies should be the same. Focusing only on the short term can send mixed signals to your spouse about your commitment to the relationship.

The key to a relationship — anything in a relationship, including investing — is communication.  If you and your spouse talk about your goals as a couple, then you can decide how to invest in a way that you are both comfortable with. Prioritizing your goals into short-, medium- and long-term time horizons will help you decide how you want to invest.

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