This entrepreneur trio is creating a buzz with their eCommerce coaching brand

By Admin        August 23, 2021

Digital Dukaandaar, founded by Nishkarsh Sharma, Srijan Bhardwaj and Sidhant Jhunjhunwala helps people build international eCommerce businesses from India.


The entrepreneur trio are ex-engineers and started their own eCommerce businesses in the search for time, financial and location independence. 


After gauging decent success in their own eCommerce businesses and sharing their stories, they saw a massive interest in people about building online businesses which led them to start Digital Dukaandaar. 


Digital Dukaandaar helps budding eCom entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their businesses through the power of drop-shipping and paid advertising. The brand has coached and mentored over 12,000 people in the last 2.5 years, has got 2500+ 5 star reviews and The Digital Dukaandaar Program itself has generated over a million dollars for their clients. 


“Back in our college days we realised that we didn’t want to go for regular jobs and wanted to build something of our own. After 5 years of trying different online based business models we found success with eCommerce and a few years later we knew we had to share this with our people.” they say.


They practice, preach and teach an eCommerce business model called Print on Demand where one can sell over 300+ types of products like T-Shirts, Hoodies, Mugs, Face Masks etc while adding one’s own designs or quotes on them.


“The beauty of the business model is that you can get designs created for your products from a designer, place them on the products you want to sell and make them live on your brand website” – they say.

They teach people how to build simple and clean eCommerce stores using Shopify without any coding or complexities.


When asked about how they manage to manufacture their products:


“There are a ton of Print on Demand companies in the world that print your designs on different products like T-Shirts and ship them directly to your customers with your branding. Doesn’t matter how big or small the order is, they take care of you.” they say.


The trio has spent more than a million dollars in Facebook™ Ads to sell their products and recommends the same source for customer acquisition to their audience. It’s possible to showcase your products to your ideal customers through well crafted Facebook™ Ads.


The founder trio is currently focussed on reaching and helping more people build international eCommerce businesses from India and bringing in more media buying solutions for their audience.