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By Admin        August 11, 2021

The knowledge-driven profession of medicine is continuously evolving, thanks to the constant development of highly sophisticated medical technology all over the world. New technological wonders, research-backed techniques and fast-paced evolution of theories call for continuous education of healthcare professionals.


This is exactly what Dr Deepu Sebin, Founder & CEO of Bangalore-based healthcare startup DailyRounds, is doing for the community of medical practitioners. Taking learning back to its roots, Dr Sebin’s online learning platform aims to become the “Facebook for Doctors”, bringing education and interaction onto a single application.


The Ground for the Venture


An MBBS from Kottayam Medical College, Dr Sebin completed his MD in Internal Medicine from Stanley Medical College before starting work as a medical practitioner at the Primary Health Centre of Kannur District, Kerala. However, he found himself constantly expanding his knowledge and ideas through discussions with the medical fraternity over clinical cases, new developments and probable solutions.


“Publications were the ideal medium for such discourse in those days,” Dr Sebin says. “I realised that this urge for consuming knowledge, discussing developments and stating opinions is the common denominator tying us medical professionals; therefore, I wanted to break the barriers of reach and create a more accessible knowledge pool for every single professional in the industry.”


This led the visionary Dr Deepu Sebin to create an online consortium of doctors, medical schools, physician and surgeon societies, and individual practitioners. Over time, Dr Sebin’s company developed two major products – DailyRounds and Marrow. While DailyRounds offers a forum of clinical case discussions for practising doctors, Marrow imparts quality training to medical students with the mission of upskilling and appraising them.


Transforming the Segment with Digital Learning


Dr Sebin’s residency days made it clear to him that there is a gap between medical practice in India and constant evidence-based understanding. Traditional ways such as CME conferences and medical journals seemed to fall short in terms of volume and regularity.


This is where the role of Digital Learning seemed to fit in. Dr Sebin banked on the power of digital applications for boosting a perpetual stream of learning that could impact patient outcomes, real-time treatments and knowledge pools. The pandemic has already accelerated the relevance and reach of digital learning further.


The DailyRounds app, for instance, is available on both Android and iOS, and constantly updates its interface with the latest practice-relevant journal articles, exhaustive drug database, research-backed treatment guidelines and Continuing Medical Education courses – all at the touch of your fingertips.


Similarly, Marrow’s online learning platform curates topical modules, tests and critical performance analytics along with high-quality video lectures. Trusted by over half a million medical students in India, Marrow has become the gold standard for NEET-PG preparation.


From the Doctrepreneur’s Desk


Dr Deepu Sebin’s work has been acknowledged through various awards, such as the prestigious ‘Entrepreneur India Best Emerging CEO’ and the ‘ET Times Best Startup in Healthcare 2020’ Awards. The doctrepreneur seems all set to take his vision further, as is evinced by his launch of clinically-oriented videos and content for doctors during the pandemic.


At the same time, Dr Sebin’s DailyRounds Inc has tied up with prominent institutions like IIM-A recently, with hopes to provide top-notch management courses for doctors. In 2019, the company partnered with M3 Inc, a global venture based in Tokyo, over web-platform based solutions integrating fundamental life processes for the next-gen revolution in healthcare.


Dr Sebin says, “I created DailyRounds with the aim that every doctor would use it as a ready resource – as a substitute to the experience that they gain while doing clinical rounds. It is amazing to see doctors right from Syrian refugee camps to Harvard Medical School vouch for our apps. It feels like we are already impacting, in the best possible way, billions of lives through our commitment and service quality.”


“Saving lives has always been the priority for medical practitioners,” Dr Sebin adds. “As the world faces the challenge of countering new and complex infections, DailyRounds aims to bring forth any newfound knowledge combined with archives of timeless medical research for doctors in India and the world.”